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SKOPJE 2028 meets NITRA 2026

In Nitra, Slovakia, two important meetings took place to establish cooperation between the cities of Nitra and Skopje and to exchange their experience from the candidacy processes for the European Capitals of Culture. Robert Alagjozovski, National coordinator for interculturalism, one society, cultural development and interministerial cooperation in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and Antonio Pavlovski, Head of the Culture Department in the City of Skopje are representatives of the Macedonian delegation that had the official visit.

The first meeting was with Marián Tesák, project manager of Nitra 2026. Nitra is a Slovak candidate for the European Capital of Culture for 2026, which was selected in the second round of cities competing for the title. The experiences of Nitra 2026 about the candidacy process, from the programme preparation and development of a successful bid-book to its organization with the support and the partnership of the city, is important for SKOPJE 2028 and the activities that will follow in conceptualizing and developing the bid programme. At the meeting, they talked about the possible cooperation between the cities, which despite being different in size and geography have many common threads and the possibility of exchange.

The second meeting is realized with Marek Hattas, the mayor of Nitra. To establish friendship and further cooperation between the cities, the representatives of our delegation invited Mr. Hatas to visit the city of Skopje, in the name of Skopje Mayor, Mr. Petre Shilegov.

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