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International cooperation for transfer of knowledge, good practices and networking of SKOPJE 2028

The team of SKOPJE 2028 in cooperation with the City of Skopje and the Marcel Hickter Foundation from Brussels in 8 working days, in the period between August 27 and September 5, in Skopje realized a series of activities for the transfer of knowledge, good practices and networking in the field of culture that support the development of the candidacy of the city of Skopje for European Capital of Culture. The activities were realized as part of the residential session in Skopje of the "European Diploma in Cultural Project Management" organized and managed by the Association Marcel Hicter from Brussels.

The international cooperation was realized with the participation of 10 international cultural operators from 10 countries- the participants of the European Diploma, the representatives of the Skopje 2028 team, the representatives of the Coordination Body "Skopje 2028 - candidate for European Capital of Culture" and the professionals from the local cultural sector.

The international cooperation comprised the following program modules:

1. Capacity building, transfer of knowledge and examples of good practices in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the program of European Capitals of Culture

2. Lectures and workshops important for the contemporary development of art and culture, which contribute to the development of the candidacy of the city of Skopje for the European Capital of Culture

3. Networking and getting acquainted with the work of local cultural institutions, organizations and cultural professionals

4. Round table on Skopje cultural policies, actions, strategy and international interaction

The Museum of the City of Skopje, the House of Culture Kočo Racin, the Youth Cultural Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art, were the local partners that supported the realization of the international cooperation.

The program was officially opened in the patio of the Museum of the City of Skopje. The participants and partners of the international cooperation were welcomed by Nikola Naumovski, Chief of Cabinet of the Mayor of the City of Skopje. After the opening in a guided tour, the guests visited the exhibitions of Sašo and Pandora Sazdovski and Rodoljub Anastasov.

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